Best Young Singer in Nepal Releases- Kanchhile

Kathmandu, June 14: Singer Ajay Tamang released music video of his new song ‘KANCHHILE’. Nepali famous actress released the song in the program organized in Reporter’s Club Nepal.

Chief guest Upreti said, “It is a beautiful song. I appreciate the entire unit of the music video. Singer Ajay’s voice is unique and this song is presented beautifully. I think he has great future in music industry” She further added, “I want to present my best wishes for the great future in Nepali music industry”.

The music video is directed by Santosh Rajbahak and presents artists Kamal Singh and Akshyata Rai.

The video lunching program was organized by Sastra Pratisthan Nepal.


The program is hosted by Susmita Aryal.