Challenges and Opportunities of Start Up IT companies

Challenges and Opportunities of Start UP IT companies Innovation Level: Lack of specific planning with good product Before sending market lack of idea on product validation and experiment either it is ok or tested or not Striving for limited resources to cope of with the product Lack of Proper planning and structure before, while and

Best Young Singer in Nepal Releases- Kanchhile

Kathmandu, June 14: Singer Ajay Tamang released music video of his new song ‘KANCHHILE’. Nepali famous actress released the song in the program organized in Reporter’s Club Nepal. Chief guest Upreti said, “It is a beautiful song. I appreciate the entire unit of the music video. Singer Ajay’s voice is unique and this song is

How to format a computer step by step tutorial

how to format computer

Formatting a computer is the term given to the process of preparing hard disk for installing a new OS or reinstalling the OS so that the computer is back to it’s factory defaults. Computer is usually formatted when a malfunction appears or the computer is being sold to someone else. 1 When a computer is

Dream, Action and Achievement- Diwakar Aryal, President of YPN

This is fact that in the world every matter get birth for two times first is in imagination i.e Mind and the second in reality.  By vidualizing the dream in mind a small boy , Mr. Diwakar Aryal, entered into Kathmandu Valley from Dhading District.  Now he has been Icon of Nepali youth and central

Top Ten IT Companies in Nepal

It is very hard to determine companies which one is the best and which one is the worst. Everybody is working for the best output to show I am the best. However, we should see overall performance and output of the company that tells louder action than words. Let’s overview the companies, that will provide

The 10 Worst NFL Quarterbacks of 2015 Zac 12.16.15 Football

Quarterback is the single most important position in all of team sports. It is a line thrown out there by sports talk radio hosts and analysts throughout every National Football League year, and 2015 has not been any different. The NFL becomes more of a passing league with every season, thanks largely to a list