Exclusive Interview with Razan Lamsal-Editor-in-Chief Living With ICT

rajan lamsal jee Rajan Lamsal is now Editor-in-Chief of Living with ICT magazine which is Leading Information and Technology based Magazine and known as one of the successful magazine in Nepal. In the age of 28 years he has accomplished many projects by making success various events in Nepal through his Magazine. He has completed BIT and engaging in study at Media technology in Master Degree. His hometown is in Morang and having greater success in Kathmandu as well as in Nepali community. Living With ICT has gained the popularity in young generation who are interested to know about IT industry in different way. Today, IT With All Team has taken one interview with the founder of Living With ICT “Rajan Lamsal”.



www.itwithall.com : Dear Rajan Sir, Welcome to this Interview program of IT with All
Rajan Lamsal: Thank you so much to you and your team.
www.itwithall.com : First of all I would like to request you to introduce your magazine to our regular portal reader.
Rajan Lamsal: Living with ICT is one of the Branded Monthly Magazine in Nepal specially focused on Information and Technlogy.

www.itwithall.com : What was your vision to start “Living With ICT”?
Rajan Lamsal: The vision of this magazine was and is “to add one bridge in ICT sector.”
www.itwithall.com : When did you start this magazine?
Rajan Lamsal: July 17, 2012 was our first issued date of Magazine which was of 14 pages of black and white paper. And we continued the magazine to 11 series and shifted from Biratnagar to Kathmandu. And when we shifted from Biratnagar to Kathmandu then we registered the company in the name of I C Tech Media Pvt. Ltd., then we start the this magazine officially in Kathmandu as well.
www.itwithall.com : To date, how many issues have already been published?
Rajan Lamsal: To date, 11 issues from Biratnagar and 25 issues from Kathmandu.
www.itwithall.com : How many team members and staffs are working in this company now?
Rajan Lamsal: We have now more than 10 staffs and other 30 supporting team around the nation.
www.itwithall.com : Would you share your struggle and achievement to make success 41 issues ?
Rajan Lamsal: Actually I still hesitate to say that I am success and say still in struggling phase but I am planning to make more effective and informative this magazine.
www.itwithall.com : What is your further planning to sustain this magazine in more advance way?
Rajan Lamsal: We have many plans to implement in the days to come, it takes time but I am still positive to get more success in the future.
www.itwithall.com : What would you suggest to youngster who are motivating and engaging in IT industry?
Rajan Lamsal: Everybody should know that the main thing is passion and hardworking and you can do many things here in Nepal but we have lack of team work, fund and lacking supporting environment.
www.itwithall.com : How do you evaluate Nepali Market of IT industry now?
Rajan Lamsal: It is in growing phase and specially having the opportunity of software, apps and overall outsourcing possibilities in Nepal.
www.itwithall.com : What do you suggest to Government of Nepal to uplift the condition of IT industry in three Bullet?
Rajan Lamsal: First of all Government should make supportive plan and policy to implement in effective way. Second Government should support the start up company by facilitating and promoting the business of the start up. And third, government should develop IT city and research center.
www.itwithall.com : Your final words for Nepalese as well as your readers through IT With All .
Rajan Lamsal: Living with ICT is small part and we are playing micro role for building an e-society. So make positive environment to grow ahead together forever.

www.itwithall.com: Thank you for providing golden opportutunity to stay with you and your vision.
Rajan Lamsal: Its my pleasure to get exposure you and your like portal. I wish all the best for your success.