How to earn money from Android app?

Just Making Android app is not enough, so we need to consider that how to earn money after registering the app on playstore. Research your app idea! You do not want to make an app that has lots of competition so you can increase your chances of making money. Try a Google search, as well as searching the App Store (Apple), and Google Play (Android) for competition.
Refine your app idea. Before contacted developers, make sure you have all the wrinkles ironed out, and you know what you want your app idea to do!
Find a good fit for your idea! You want a developer whose skills are ideal for your app idea. There are plenty of services on the internet where you can hire a freelance app developer. Remember, these developers will be an out of pocket expense for you, however, that could be worth it. Keep in mind that apps can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000.Since freelance developers are expensive, you could try other options. Companies such as allow people to submit their app ideas for a chance to be developed. Options where you submit your app ideas allows the company to take all the risks of paying for development and bringing it to market. This also means that the company will make revenue from the idea.
Once your idea is developed, you will have to take care of support for the app. Companies where you submit your app idea will usually take care of support tickets, and future app upgrades. With a freelancer, you will have to take care of support tickets yourself (or pay someone to do that) and you will have to pay the freelancer for future app upgrades.
Determine whether or not your app will cost anything for those interested in it. This is the first challenge; as a first-time app designer, you need to make a decision whether it is better to offer it free to gain a following, or whether after spending money to get the app into iTunes, you want to start trying to recover some of the costs and have good reason to believe that people will purchase it.
• How good is your app in terms of quality, uniqueness, and interest?
• What is motivating your decision to charge? Is that reason stronger than giving away a freebie that might attract more people to your website, blog, product, etc., that is behind the app?
• Keep in mind that clever marketing can be more successful than offering an app for free; if your strength lies in marketing or social network connecting, charging might be a good way to go.

If you decide to charge, settle on an appropriate price. For this, you’ll need to consider the unique qualities of your app and its similarities to existing apps. If your app has a lot of competitors, you probably won’t want to charge a lot for it or the customers will simply choose other apps over yours. On the other hand, if your app is very specialized and rather unique, it’s likely that you’ll be able to put a higher price on it.
• Test the waters and see what your customers are prepared to pay. You can adjust the price if needed.
• Don’t forget to account for the fact that Apple takes a cut.

Think about other ways to raise money instead of charging for the app itself.
Other ways can more profitable than charging for the initial app. For example:
• Charge for in-app or add-on purchases. This can be an excellent way to interest customers in your app, and then have them motivated to purchase the in-app or add-on items. In-app purchases can be items such as weapons, new skins, or additional content.
• Get a cut for the advertisements accompanying downloaded apps.
• Keep updating the app and providing sequels to encourage people to continue using your app.