How to increase revenue from google adsense

Google ad sense program is one of the best way to earn money who is creative writer and content creator. Everyone can create useful content for online users and target readers by doing best research and academic tasks. Here, some important tips have been presented to optimize revenue from google advertisement program. If someone follow the basic rules while updating website of course he/she can earn maximum revenue gradually.

Before that we need to aware about internal coding and reengineering of website:

First of all SEO specialist should maintain the gap of Basic seo tools to go ahead and should improve the errors and bad sides of website analyzing various seo tools based software, then after approving google ad sense better follow the points for the best result:

  1. Creating ad unit to publish particular place or area. And you can name the advertisement for easy and best approach.
  2. Now you can pick the size and get code from google and paste appropriate place to show the advertisement.
  3. Now you can set your ad as for example text only, image, media etc. later you can see the same ad what you have expected.
  4. Now you can create ad style the very style can show its creativity and effective presentation of the site.
  5. After pasting ad at your site now need to fix the target audience regarding to boost and promote the content. For this you need to create costume channel with title keywords.
  6. After setting channel you can set fined advertisement as per the target readers with specific fields
  7. Now you need to optimize the advertisement and site design regarding appearance, graphic, image, video and everything.
  8. Context, interest and place based focused for the best approach result as soon as possible
  9. Now you can set your expectation how much you can earn for generating more revenue
  10. Now optimize your traffic i.e. visitors and readers as a result if your daily visitors are 1000 in nutshell your daily earning around $1.5 per day. While calculating in monthly basis it will be more than $150 per month.
  11. CPC cost per click will be around 0.3 cent this will be good if the result of hit is goes like this
  12. CTR Click through rate, this is another way of analyzing google ad sense click through rate is related to visitor and ad checker ratio. Visitor might not have clicked ad however they might have visited in nutshell, we can see result if one clicked 1% out of 100 visitors
  13. Another most important part is RPM Revenue Per Impression in summary if there is 100 impressions or let say page views there will be $1 and on the other hand you will get $10 for 1000 impressions
  14. Create quality content for targeting the specific people and community for making good exposure of the content.
  15. Now you most focus on keyword that is directly related to psychology of visitors and need. For this you most use keyword research tool.

Final solution is to hike revenue from google is to create best content by targeting specific group and society and post regularly with passion and optimize via social media network and developer visitor with good viewers and readers.


how to increase revenue adsense

how to earn money from google adsense