How to reset your password in WordPress cms or from cpanel?

WordPress is one of the open source platforms to handle various types of websites. Eg. Dyanamic, newsportal, ucommerce and web based application. World has taken wordpress cms is really easy, fast and dynamic with proper SEO integration. Here, we have presented you basic rules to follow if you forget password of cms or completely need to recover password from cpanel. Let’s follow the basic rules and steps to recover the website’s CMS password for convenience of the service.

reset pasword of wordpress in cpanel

How to resent password in wordpress

Steps to follow easily:

If you forget your wordpress password, you can reset using following ways:

  1. Use the Lost your password link following login
  • First you need to go through login link
  • Under the login link you can see Lost your password section.
  • Enter the username or email address of the account you are trying to log into.
  • Click on get new password to have the password sent to your email address.
  • And you can create new password, for the next time you have to remember for you ease.
  1. Another important step is to use Reset your password through Quick Install link.
  • Login to cpanel
  • Under Software service there is click on Quickinstall.
  • At the top of the page you see click my installs
  • Locate the installation you wish to modify
  • Now click on reset password
  • Select the username you wish to change the password for from the drop down box then create new password with strong text
  • Now click on reset password button to change the password for the selected user.


  1. Third and last step is to follow Manual Password reset option
  • First login cpanel
  • You see database icon and click there phpMyadmin
  • Now you click on wordpress database (if you installed this through QuickInstall, this will be named WRDB#) from the left panel list.
  • Click wp_users from the left panel list.
  • Under user_login you will see the list of registered users, under the user whose password you wish to reset, click edit.
  • Under the user_pass column, clear the value on the far right and replace with what you would like the password to be.
  • In the function drop-down menu select MD5
  • At the bottom of the page, click GO
  • And Reset the password to login once again

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