How to secure our website step by step security guidelines

World is so challenging and highly unhealthy competition in Information and Technology industry.  Without any proper reason people have started to blackmail by cyber attack. On the one hand  this types of attack make people more aware and active regarding security steps. On the other hand, this is more harassing and frustrating both. Normally hacking is not good thing, it is related to criminal motivation and intention of demoralize the people. People have long term planning to establish business using website and web based software. Because of security reason, bad impact will be shown in business. On the other hand government should act out against criminal activities who involved in hacking tasks.

web security in Nepal

Web Security in Nepal

Let’s be aware by following the precaution:

  1. Update your CMS software in regular basis
  2. Be aware from SQL injection attack and maintain the security steps
  3. XSS- Cross site scripting attack: For this need to validate your comment forum
  4. Keep detail of error log and show users information only don’t put error message
  5. Server side validation and form validation
  6. Better make stronger password
  7. Be aware while uploading file into server and don’t let people accessing database server
  8. Https security integration must input
  9. Use, test and implement website security tools for its getting information of current status of website
  10. Finally coordinate, cooperate among client, company and developer for successful landing of projects