The 10 Worst NFL Quarterbacks of 2015 Zac 12.16.15 Football

Quarterback is the single most important position in all of team sports. It is a line thrown out there by sports talk radio hosts and analysts throughout every National Football League year, and 2015 has not been any different. The NFL becomes more of a passing league with every season, thanks largely to a list of rules that makes it easier to put points on the scoreboard. Even quarterbacks who are not working with a lot of offensive firepower are able to be fantasy football heroes, some on a weekly basis. It is almost as if the NFL is attempting to cater directly to fantasy football players.

We digress.

The 2015 campaign has been memorable for those who are the prolific quarterbacks in the game today. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots continues to cement his legacy and make an argument for being known as the greatest to ever play the position. Veteran Carson Palmer could be having a Most Valuable Player season as he attempts to guide the Arizona Cardinals to Super Bowl glory. Palmer will probably, however, fall just shy of Cam Newton in the MVP voting. Regardless of how the Carolina Panthers finish off the regular season and the playoffs, Newton seems to be well on his way to winning at least that award.

At the other end of the spectrum, however, have been the quarterbacks who have either been letdowns or who have only established their reputations for being lackluster signal callers who likely would not have been in the NFL during a prior era. Several of those men were forced into action during 2015 because starters were sidelined because of injuries or, in one case, because of a different (and silly) reason. The man who sits atop the list of the worst NFL quarterbacks for 2015 had better send Christmas cards to everybody on the coaching staff of his current league employer. That quarterback may not be long for the NFL once 2016 comes around.