Why Ecommerce : Plan for Future: Start today

Plan properly for ecommerce business

First Step to plan ecommerce is:

First step is key strength of market place.

Step two: Level and quality of your competitor

Step three: Presentation and catalogue of your product/services

Make your catalogue strong, good photograph, detail description with photo

Step four: Merchant support service:, product display, fast and instant respond to your costumer.

Step five: Margin, Fee and ROI is most important to start and regulate ecommerce website in good way.

Step six: Shipping charges and mechanism: Make the shipping system so easy and reliable.

Step seven: System access control;  You need to consider maximum and minimum number of listing product and its control, Restriction in selling in specific region, access provided to costumer data.

Step Eight: Payment mechanism, for ecommerce platform we need to plan ecommerce and payment gateway connection.

Step nine: Return and refund policy should be clear, how to return and how to refund it should be clear for the best way.

Step 10: Dispute resolution process: for this we need to consult hr support, digital marketing, legal process and all types of preparation.


Models of ecommerce:

Among the all types of website technology, ecommerce is one of the best platforms for future planning. It is time to start ecommerce rapidly.  Here, sales are increased but cost is not increased more.  Your online presentation is most to engage with your costumers. Windfall gain from website it mean no personal relation with those costumer but they buy our products. It’s very important because it is web based technology it saves our price and products, because ecommerce has global market place. Where we can make automatic calculator and account management system is implemented.  In ecommerce, there is place of digital marketing, for this we need to focus on data driven technology.  Make the digital marketing strategies effective way to establish keywords, positioning, status on google and all social media.  It reduces man power cost, provide unlimited information.  Here, remarketing and retargeting is most important in ecommerce website.  In ecommerce 24/7 sales and marketing possibilities is existed in this system.  Here, International profitable scalability is possible step for ecommerce. Next important point is affordable employee and affordable IT infrastructure that is possible based on low budget planning.  Fast order processing despite huge market place it is the great challenges.



What may be the challenges of ecommerce?

Focus on best graphic

Focus on best video content

Focus on best shipping model and process if delay costumer can feel irritating way.

Prepare best content with complete information- use artificial intelligent if content is lacked.

Make good inventory system and keep upto date in technology model.

High competition, low margin and market place fee.

Limited control in somebody else house, so make your showroom good and flexible.


Latest Trend in ecommerce:

  1. Voice search to get product instantly is getting popular
  2. Focus on local business and local language rather international
  3. Feature snippet is latest trend and practice
  4. Store like shopping virtual environment
  5. Argumented Reality and virtual reality ever
  6. Video creation for ad effective strategies to attract the consumers
  7. Target based channel, marketing, remarketing for sales growth

New Trend in ecommerce: